Sunday, July 23, 2006

Too early, too early...

I was at the mall, went to the babies' section. Hmm. Babies' clothes are soooo cuttte! Almost bought some but its TOO EARLY....

I was making enquiries about the whereabout of my old cot. Its been passed around the family. But then the last person left it at a rented place and left the country without it, so chances are we wont get it back. But I noticed the cots are getting cheaper and has many more varieties, so hopefully I can get one. But then again ins TOO EARLY....

Its been 18 weeks, another 22 weeks to go...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hello again!

I've been down with - morning sickness. Its been a tumultuos 3 months. My mouth tastes like rubber (no, not THAT rubber..) and metal and sour and salivating too much. I spit a lot coz I get full swallowing my own saliva!

I have headaches spells. I don't know why they call it MORNING sickenss coz I have it round the clock - from the time I wake up to the time I sleep.

I have not been very friendly either, hehe. My partner thinks I don't like him anymore! I can't stand the smell of smoke, steam from rice cooking or coffee, blleargh..


I'm getting better. I'm into dried apricots today. And fried battered mushrooms, YUM! And butterhead lettuce. Can't get enough of that!

Haven't been baking either coz I get tired easily. The last thing I baked were egg tarts and they were gone in minutes. To make the shortcrust (pastry) in this not weather, I practically rolled and cut the dough with my head in the freezer! But it was ooooiiiiissssshhhhiiii delicious! Nothing like those you buy at the bakery. They are just not the same.

If I feel well enough, I might make caramel custards today.