Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I see you!

I had a developmental scan done recently, at 22 weeks.

On reaching the hospital, I had to pee (I do that like 350 times a day now). That was a mistake. Coz to see a clear, fuzz-free scan, you need a full bladder. And having, *cough cough* a thick layer of fat on my tummy (though the sonographer politely said "a thick layer of skin"). The scan was kinda fuzzy (though it looked fine to me, the untrained eye). She spent a whopping 45 minutes locating organ after organ.

She measured the maternal blood volume going to the uterus, locate the main blood vessels - the aorta and the pulmonary vein, the kidneys, bladder, stomach, different brain lobes, the umbilical cord.

Then checked the heart function - whether the blood flow is normal - in colour - the four chambers present, the valves in working order - all to rule out possibilities of having to anticipate a heart disorder. I had to turn slightly towards my right coz the baby was not in a position to show the best scan. I was impressed!

Then she measured the various arm and thigh bones, even showed us the little feet and fingers!! The cranial bones measured and we are through. The report said everything is in order. ALL PRAISES TO GOD!

She even gave me a blurred photo, which looks like an alien, with the eye sockets visible. But I love it anyway.

Then a quick visit to the Dr, who said the baby was growing very well, to continue my vitamins and that was it. Scheduled another appointment in 4 weeks and another routine scan in 8 weeks.

I also have to go for the GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) at 28 weeks, which I have not calculated whether its gonna be in Ramadhan or not. This test requires an overnight fasting and then on reaching the hospital, have to drink a thick, extremely, excruciatingly sweet and concentrated glucose syrup, which I've seen have made some women puke. It would have been more drinkable if it was cold and carbonated. Then a tube of blood would be taken at an hour's interval each, for the next 3 hours and the glucose level measured in each.

The pregnancy books I have been reading seem outdated already. I can get unlimited information from the Internet now, on everything and anything about pregnancy I need to know, as long as I can bear to stare at the monitor.

Still constipating...but bearable, hehe. Hey, some have it worse.

(Err, tried to upload some scan pictures off the net, but Blogger not in a good mood today??)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Had a scare last week.

I am constipating very badly. The pregnancy hormones relaxes the digestive muscles so they get a bit lax. I have been a, ehem, very "regular person", every morning without fail, but this week it got worse.

So I went to get fruits. Loads of them.

My favourite is the Sarawak pineapple. Sweet and juicy. Can't get enough.

Then I also had longans - I must've have eaten at least half a kilo! Sedappp. Juicy, succulent and sweet.

Then papaya, rock melon and rambutans.

Hmmm. For lunch AND dinner. That filled me up. Then it happened.

I was lying on my back. Usually the baby would move when I do that. But tonight - NO MOVEMENT.

I waited and waited. For the next 2 days and 2 nights. NO MOVEMENT!!.

I read all the antenatal books about fetal movements but most only mention the case for action when you are almost due or overdue - which I am neither.

Anyway, at 20 weeks, if there are no fetal movements either -

1) My fat layer is soo darn thick I can't feel much
2) Wait for the next checkup (which was like 2 weeks away)
3) Go to the Dr

At 20 weeks, there is not much that can be done. Womb is still best. If there is no heartbeat found then, sorry. The body will expel the "remnants" naturally within 3 weeks. No medical intervention needed.

I decided to go to the Dr, though my husband said I should wait - coz the baby's probably asleep. I have eaten A LOT OF FRUITS, remember? The fruits probably turned to liquor and made the baby drunk. Hmmmmmmmm.

But I did anyway. My peace of mind is most important. I need to know. Good news or bad news.

So off I went to the see the Dr. He was quite perplexed. But he examined me anyway. The moment he put the heartbeat monitor, I could hear the heartbeat, beating fast and strong. Oh THANK GOD! He also checked whether I was leaking any amniotic fluid. But no.

"Dont worry too much. Your baby is OK. This is not your first right? I know the miscarriage might have scared you but everything looks fine for the moment".

I was almost crying, thinking how silly, but GLAD that everything's OK.

AND the fruits only helped me for one day. I'm back constipating the day after. Guess I have to eat more fruits...pass me that bag of duku-langsat please...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Food......with a capital F

Have not been updating frequently because I cannot stare at the computer screen for long now - I get dizzy and nauseous (must be all the +ve ions from the monitor).

So I will update bit by bit and S-L-O-W-L-Y.

My cravings are under control (so far). I am, at this very moment, longing for a cold, thick mango juice with those chewy black sago (also called "pearls"). Ooohh. So much for control, huh?

Then I saw claypot rice on some masak-masak blog and now I'm wondering what that taste like!

Otherwise I am happy with Heinz baked beans, eaten out of the can (reminisence of hostel days) or on toast with scrambled eggs - for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and the occasional frozen grapes (they are awesome!).

I am halfway there, at 20 weeks.

Saw my "bun" in the oven when I had the ultrasound scan done at 18 weeks and have absolutely fallen in love with my "bun" (swooon). Its a tight fit in there. Movements are getting stronger everyday and we play our little games when I'm lying flat in bed.

I get breathless when I stand or lie down at times and the Dr said I should go to the hospital if I get chest pains at the same time or when my breathlessness gets too much to bear. And I'm not referring to THAT kind of breathlessness.

I do look pregnant now and not FAT! There is a definite baby bum, yeay!