Thursday, September 14, 2006

Where's the cow?

I've been feeling like a beached whale, cow, whatever that is heavy and sluggish - that's me. I thought I must have put on a tonne of weight coz my back is aching like crazy. Reading other pregnant women's blogs have been much help becoz they all feel the same - heavy and aching.

Not having enough sleep seems to be the norm now. Can't get a comfortable position to sleep long enough to feel rested. Have to get up many times to pee and that's not helping!

Last night was a nightmare! We had guests and we served them coffee. The coffee, made by my husband, was soo soo good I drank 2 cups (which was no big deal if I wasn't pregnant). Then I had the worst night - my body was kinda lying on the bed BUT my brain was working - buzzing about. AND the baby was having a stressful time too. Guess it couldn't sleep either! It was kicking so vigorously whatever position I was lying. By the end of the night, I was having migraine and not up to anything else but just lying in bed - with loads of housework put on hold.

I've been drinking so much water, trying to flush out the caffeine out of my system, I practically have to pee every 5 minutes. Yikes.


Then the routine visit to the Dr revealed something that surprised me : I have put on all of 800g since the last visit a month ago. 800g. 0.8 kg. Now where did all those food I ate go?

In view of my not-much-weight-gained situation, I've been told to EAT MORE (can you believe that??!). AND the best thing is that - I dont have to go for the icky Glucose Tolerance Test!! YIIIPPPPEEE!!!

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