Thursday, December 28, 2006

ME? P.E.?

7 Dec 2006
2.30 pm

Routine checkup at my 38th week.

Urine test: Trace, protein (huh? Not good)
Blood pressure : 144/99 (NOT GOOD)
Nurse voiced her concern that my bp is a "bit high"

Weight : Gained 400g since last week (OK)

I vaguely remember reading about the symptoms of pre-eclampsia (PE), pregnancy-related hypertension. I might have THAT?

Sure enough the Dr was worried. She wants me admitted for observation immediately and delivery induced if need be, maybe tonight. The baby is already full term at 38 weeks. Tonight? I was (a bit, oh, alright, verry)overwhelmed. What if I go home and admit myself tomorrow?

"PE has this nasty habit of coming up silently and seizing up. It might turn nasty tonight and if you are at home and not aware of it, you might get fits and your organs might be damaged and you might lose your baby. If you insist of going home, you would have to sign the AMA (Against Medical Advice) document." That serious huh?

My BP was not THAT high, just borderline, after 3 re-takes. Taken manually, with the stethoscope, it was even higher at 160/108!!

So here I am, at 5pm, sitting in an empty waiting room for the porter to take me to the ward. I didnt inform anyone, just my husband, and I bet he's worried.

I'm quite taken aback. I was planning to do some shopping for baby stuff on the way home. Guess no time for that now.

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