Wednesday, December 06, 2006

37 weeks



I have just completely confused myself. I got a book - The Gentle Birth. Its supposed to help lead me to a more comfortable (comfortable - DONT read as painless!), tear-free, minimal need for medical intervention of labour & delivery. But now it has completely floored me.

For the past 2 weeks, my wrists have been hurting. First its my left but now both. It limits movements thusthe use of my hands have been limited. Scoured the net. It might be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), where water retention causes pressure on the blood vessels and nerves at the extremities (hands and legs).

Now the book said I should, to avoid water retention - get this - eliminate COMPLETELY from my diet - wheat (read: bread) which is my staple, sugar (!), tomatoes ( I eat raw tomatoes in sandwiches on a daily basis!), bananas, mangoes (my ultimate favourite juice, with pearls).

If I had found this book earlier, not at my 37th week, it might had helped. But now, its kinda late, dontcha think?

There are many other discomforts of pregnancy, which are not documented or seem to be exclusively appearing to some women only and they have boggled the doctors. Cure? It will go away when the baby's born.

My gums now are much more sensitive and bleed like crazy when I brush my teeth, as if I brush them so violently! I've given up looking for my ankles too coz my feet get so swollen, they look like blocks of wood. Not to mention the rubber & metallic taste in my mouth that I have since Day 1.

Hopefully all these will go away as soon as my baby is born!

I've started eating almonds and dried apricots to store complex carbohydrates for labour....which I don't know when but sooon I hope.

In the meantime I've chucked the book away...heee heee.

Now's not the time to be confused. I need a clear mind to welcome my new baby. I can't wait to smell him. Newborn babies smell of heaven, you know.

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eiseai said...

dont worry...the swollen ankles will go away after birth. more so if u urut. my ankles are so slim mlim now, its so nice to see. of course, other parts of me still retain water. but at a time kan ;)