Friday, January 12, 2007

Adventures in the Delivery Suite (Part 2)

10 Dec 2006


Finally, after 3 Prostin tablets, in the wee hours of the morning I felt something. Well, its not much pain, still bearable. After showering at 6am, I walked around the ward for an hour, trying to encourage the contractions to be stronger. Its not much pain, kinda like menstrual cramps and I was imagining my cervix opening up.

Breakfast time. They served mee hoon soto, but I was in too much pain to eat so I was sent to the delivery suite. I hope THIS IS IT.

Quick check: Dilation 2 to 3cm but cervix still high (well, i am not due in 2 weeks!). I was told its lucky I was admitted to the hospital because my bloodtest result showed my blood slowly going abnormal with high levels of uric acid and very low potassium.

Dr decided to break my waterbag but SHE CAN'T REACH my cervix, even with the amniotomy needle. Reviewed again, she decided to wait my waterbag to break on its own (that would take forever) and will review me regularly.

And hey, my contractions ARE getting stronger. Yeay!

My husband prepared his post on the lounging chair. He didnt bring the camera this time since we didnt use it the last two times.

A drip was set up on my left hand. Unfortunately since she manouvered the needle to get 4 vials of blood (me the, ehem, samaritan, gatal-gatal participated in a few researches and so my blood was needed these researches), it swelled up like an egg. The drip was changed to my right hand.

I was given pethidine injection and - whoa - for a couple of hours, the contractions were bearable though they were getting stronger.

Its been 7 hours in the delivery room. Tired. My blood pressure is normal.

AND my waterbag broke. The funny thing is, the nurse or the Dr would not admit its the waterbag until they did a dip test and YES it was the waterbag. Labour was progressing very slowly and they decided to hurry things up a bit and put up an oxytocin drip.

But then all hell broke loose! The contractions were coming fast and furious! I had no time to breathe and recuperate when one ended and another one started. The pethidine already wore off and I felt like climbing over the bed and climb up the wall with my nails!!!

My husband went out when they did a cervix check at 6cm and had not return. Where is he?

I already felt like pushing and felt hot and cold at the same time. I felt like screaming but I didnt. Or maybe I did and dont remember, hehe. The midwife said I'll deliver very soon.

My husband suddenly appeared and THANK GOD the baby was already crowning before I started to push. The midwife was very good, instructing me when to push with all my might, when to pant and when to push a bit so I didn't tear or lacerate and didn't need stitches after it was all over. His head popped out, then his body slided out and I was shown his genitals (!!) - a BOY!

Felt relief. Over-the-moon. Exhilirated. Baby didn't cry much. He was brought to the warmer and the normal procedures were done over him. 2.89kg weight, 48cm length. While I had another problem: My placenta wouldn't come out.

We waited half and hour and I was given the "laughing gas" to breathe and relax because I was too tense. The placenta was finally delivered. That was a scare.

The Dr said he had the longest and juiciest umbilical cord while the nurse said she never collected so much cord blood before (we donated cord blood).

I finally could hold my baby in my arms. And he smelled heavenly. He was awake and alert and I fed him for a while. He is finally here. My baby.


eiseai said...

gasp!!! u must be superwoman. puts my delivery and the pengsan afterwards to shame!

congrats on the baby...although it seems like dah lambat :)

wish i donated the cord blood too. but its onoe of those things that you put at the back of your mind and when the time comes...tak terpikir langsung :(

bakerina said...

eiseai>> Thanks!

Angel Eyes said...

congrats babe!

He's cute!!!! What's his name anyway?


Ms J said...

hey congratulations, he's adorable! i am waiting for oyur updates...

Hero said...

Yes! He's real cute. I'm sure he got that from the father.

Maverick SM said...

Congrats and you have now a great companion.

It's the best gift in life.

The baby is blessed to have a great mother who brought him to this world.

Hot Mama said...

hahah! at last you have your own boy. I still remember u used to left comments in my blog.
Now u r a mommy!He is so beautiful!
Eh nanti give us ur add, i will invite all yummy mommies to visit you.. we all nie tak de kerja..hahaha!!!