Thursday, January 25, 2007


11 Dec 2006

I had a ligation done coz I'm way past the prime age for having kids. Or so I think. Or I know.

Having babies need lots (and I mean lots and lots and lots) of energy. Ah, THAT I definitely know.

Take my word for it.

The day after my delivery I had an early shower. I had no problem (note: NO PROBLEM) walking. Then I fetched my baby from the nursery, fed him with colostrum (not much but very precious) and waited for the OT to buzz. And to the OT I went.

In the freezing theatre I was given a spinal injection. It hurt a bit but it was ok. Then I was put on an extremely narrow gurney (really, I thought I was gonna fall off it!) and my arms were spread eagle. The OT staff did work very quickly. They fixed various monitors and drips and waited for the spinal to work.

It took all of 5 minutes to numb me, waist down.

And so it began. Ligating my tubes. The procedure was explained to me as : my fallopian tubes would be clipped (not cut or cauterised like I thought) with plastic clips (which I should have asked to see) and any eggs produced so forth by my ovaries would have no way to move on to the uterus to be fertilised and would be reabsorbed into my body. (I was worried about the reabsorbtion part coz I had the freaky thought that the eggs would collect and cause my ovaries to burst). No follow up checkups would be necessary in years to come and this is 99% effective in birth control. OK. Sounded simple enough.

The whole ligation process was a keyhole surgery, meaning they wouldn't cut me open and scaring would be minimal. And it won't hurt. I mean it can't be as bad as delivering a baby. Can it? OR SO I THOUGHT. HAH!

It was all over in 15 minutes. I didnt even get to see the Dr who ligated me! I was brought into the observation room and had a 15-minute teeth-chattering freezing wait. I was practically shaking head to toe and the nurses remarked that since I just delivered yesterday, I must have had lost some blood and proceeded to put a warm air blower into my blanket. That comforted me but not much. I couldn't stop my teeth from chattering. The nurse said she would hugged me if she could! I was feeling nauseous and told her I felt like throwing up. She put a freezing kidney dish next to my mouth but nothing came up. It was a v-e-r-y longggg wait indeed.

After 30 minutes and no adversed reactions whatsoever, I was taken back to the ward. I was very hungry but its not lunch time yet so I sucked on a lollipop. My legs felt like sacks of flour - heavy and funnily I couldn't move them! It would take up to 6 hours for the anaesthesia to wear off.

To my happy surprise, my husband came and fed me my lunch. Mmmmm...

The nurses kept asking me if I was in pain. Pain?! What pain?! Naaahhh....



I even told my friend who was coming to visit not to come (she was angry at me for days) coz it was sooo painful I could hardly breathe or talk. The pain were at my tubes, my guess would be where the clips are. I asked for some painkillers and was asked to walk around. Surprisingly the pain WAS relieved for a while when I walked, if you can call it walking, with me crouching and holding my waist.

It was WORSE than the whole delivery episode!


rafiqaheliza said...

You scare me to death with your labour and ligation stories. Been thru labour twice but still shudders everytime I hear about it. Ngeri! Anyway, nice postings! Keep it coming. Have added you to my must-read blog:)

Hot Mama said...

Oh my.. I bet its so painful!
Eee... Rafiqa is right. Its ngeri.. hahah!!!

eiseai said...

erk...i'm shivering with you! sakitnyaaaaa...

Angel Eyes said...

Hi dear,

Can i have your email address?

bakerina said...

rafiqaheliza, hot mama, eiseai>> hey, wait till i tell you abt my confinement, aiyo..

angel eyes>> its

kc said...

i was bloghopping from idham's and inadvertently found yr blog.

Phew..that must be really painful! i've had 3 c-sects and dont think wanna go fr a 4th pregnancy...sakit whooah! thot of getting tubal ligation but since i read yr stories, i might as well forget it and go for natural prevention - french cap!

i wanna link u up, can or not?

Idham said...

:) CONGRATS!!! I am late in wishing...but i hope better late than never.

Just came to know that u have been blessed with a baby.


hope to see baby's photo soon..


Zakiah said...

aiya...wrong timing ler masuk blog nih....ketaq lutut nak masuk labour room.

kc said...

u're being tagged! refer to my blog.