Friday, January 12, 2007

Adventures in the Delivery Suite

8 Dec 2006

YEAY! I might deliver today! I am happy and excited.

The 6am induction was pushed to 2pm. So at 2pm I was prepped and had the Prostin inserted. I was monitored for any increase in the strength of contractions. For a few minutes, the contractions reached above 100 readings on the CTG but slowly it disappeared. I mean, it DISAPPEARED. For two hours.

Then I was sent back to the ward. SENT BACK TO THE WARD! I was a tad disappointed. Dr told me I might go into labour tonight so I was hopeful.

After a full day at the hospital waiting, my husband went home, exhausted, I bet. He sms-ed to say he was doing the laundry and the kids were having hashbrowns and hotdogs for dinner.

Waiting is murder.


N-O-T-H-I-N-G happened tonight. Scheduled for another Prostin at 6m tomorrow.

Cervix high. Dilatatin: 1 cm. Duh.

9 Dec 2006

Dilatation still at 1 cm. Prostin 2 at 6.15 am. No breakfast. Hungry but have to tahan.

HAHA. Still no increase in contractions. Sent back to the ward AGAIN. My spirits went down.

At the ward I was monitored hourly. At 8pm the Dr decided to send me to the delivery suite AGAIN since there WAS an increase in uterine contractions. But I felt no pain, maybe just slight discomfort.

OK-lah. Whatever.

My husband went home to catch some football match and promised to come back again if need be BUT (you guessed it) I was sent back to the ward AGAIN after the 3rd Prostin at 8.30pm. Dilatation: 2cm.

DUH DUH DUH. This gotto be the joke of the year!

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